Do-it-yourself Easy Abstract Painting Art Step by Step

Large, textural art can make this sort of a statement in a space, but not all of us are ready to obtain original artwork. So for people of us who aren’t artwork collectors, it’s in fact not way too tough to make our own Abstract Painting Art!

DIY Abstract Painting Art

I’ve been wanting to dabble my proverbial and literal brush into Abstract Painting painting for so a lot of years, but I have constantly been actually intimidated to give it a consider. Finally, I gave it a go and even discovered adequate nerve to share it on the World wide web! The approach was really enjoyable, and I am previously dreaming up my next piece. If you, like me, want your handheld through your 1st Abstract Painting portray attempt, verify out the simple stage-by-phase procedure I used beneath.

DIY Abstract Painting Art

For my paint, I utilized these heavy-weight acrylic paints in comparable hues, blending them collectively to get particular hues and shades. I utilized a pre-stretched and primed canvas from an art source retailer and applied my paint with a selection of drywall spatulas and one particular big painter’s brush.

DIY Abstract Painting Art

Simply because I never have an easel, I secured my portray to the wall and worked from there. Be mindful if you attempt this, though, since I absolutely obtained paint on the wall and had to touch it up later on! For blending my paint, I utilized a coated masonite board from an artwork provide retailer and combined the paint on it with a drywall spatula. I also used the paint to the canvas making use of the same spatula.

DIY Abstract Painting Art

You can combine acrylic paint with water to support it distribute with less texture develop-up. If you are making use of oil-based paint, every single layer may possibly consider lengthier to dry than acrylic, and if you would like to slender it, you will need to have to use chemical paint thinners to do so.

DIY Abstract Painting Art

To commence my portray, I applied the light magenta paint onto the canvas with a spatula and unfold it all around with an extensive painter’s brush. I manufactured confident to get about the edges of the canvas, but did not fret about painting the sides, simply because I was preparing on framing it when I concluded.

DIY Abstract Painting Art

Soon after the 1st coat of pink dried, I blended more white paint with the mild magenta and layered the lighter pink color in excess of the best of the darker, leaving some of the darker paint exhibiting through. I employed a spatula for this to drag the paint together with the canvas and generate some texture.

Soon after the 2nd coat of pink paint was dry, I went in excess of it with undiluted white paint. I utilized the goopy paint to the canvas utilizing a genuinely wide drywall spatula so the drags of paint would be even and broad. Soon after covering a whole lot of the upper element of the canvas, I used a more compact spatula to dabble white paint in strains and smears close to the bottom of the canvas to give a tiny interest in excess of the top of the pink paint.

DIY Abstract Painting Art

After the white paint dried, I used the exact same approach with an extensive spatula to apply yellow paint. I mixed the yellow paint with a small little bit of gentle orange to give two tones to the paint before dragging it across the canvas.

When I commenced this canvas, I genuinely had no thought exactly where this portray was likely to go, so I just retained introducing levels of paint to it. I figured a lot more texture the greater! However, I did have to run to the retailer to get a lot more of the orange paint in between coats, due to the fact I experienced operate out.

DIY Abstract Painting Art

After the 1st coat of orange paint, I wasn’t pleased with how the yellow appeared when it confirmed through. I made a decision that I wished more of a bold human body of orange, so soon after the very first coat dried, I employed a wide spatula to include even a lot more orange over the best of it and softened the edges by stippling them with the wide painter’s brush. I also stippled the floor of the orange paint below and there to add far more textural desire to the thick paint.

DIY Abstract Painting Art

Following I added more paint more than the yellow areas to muddy it a bit much more and give it a bolder presence. Then I employed the edge of my extensive spatula to insert much more textural white traces in areas. The last contact was dragging some lighter orange paint on the upper proper corner of the canvas to create a textural square. Right after dragging the paint, I wiped off my spatula and did one more wipe throughout the orange paint to take away any excess. Then I stopped painting because I was concerned I may possibly mess up the total point! So I decided it was concluded.

DIY Abstract Painting Art

I’m much less intimidated to create my very own artwork now, after understanding how forgiving the procedure of layering paint can be. Subsequent time I’ll most likely strategy more of how I would like the completed composition to be, but I don’t think it truly is a negative idea to just go with how you happen to be emotion in the moment and adjust it up to your heart’s content! Offers Best Handmade Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.

Everyone is Painting Their Own Abstract Art, Try it yourself

Painting your own Abstract Art


(Image credit: Monique Larroux)

Have you ever looked at a beautiful abstract painting and thought to yourself, “I could totally make it myself” If you have some extra spending money, you should definitely support Abstract painting artists. But if the only wall art options in your budget are way too far, you might just want to make the abstract art yourself.

When it comes to large abstract wall art, it really can be as easy as taking a paintbrush on canvas and going to town. But if you’d like some guidance, here are a dozen easy-to-make techniques for creating your own abstract masterpieces. After this there are two things for you to be proud of: Your incredible painting art skills and how much money you saved.

(Image credit: Dans Le Townhouse)

If you love the brushstroked minimal black and white look of the art that Gina painted for her living room at the top of this post (it’s from our house tours!), try out this similar-look tutorial from Dans le Lakehouse.

(Image credit: Style Me Pretty)

Here’s an abstract canvas DIY from Style Me Pretty that teaches you how to mix paint to create a gentle ombre gradient.

(Image credit: The Painted Hive)

Kristine of The Painted Hive made this watercolor-style painting with layers of brushing, splashing and spraying paint around. Luckily she’s detailed the whole process for us on her blog.

(Image credit: Shannon Claire)

Here’s some animal-inspired painting canvas art from Shannon Claire, who used watercolors to create these spotted paintings.

(Image credit: Swoonworthy)

Kimberly of Swoonworthy shows us how to create a piece by layering lots of tiny, short brushstrokes.

It doesn’t get any easier than this: Brittany Makes used acrylic paint markers to literally scribble this minimalist black and white painting together.

(Image credit: Live Love DIY)

Here’s a great technique to add some elegance to your art: Live Love DIY used gold leaf flakes as a material in this large abstract art piece.

(Image credit: Lolly Jane)

Here’s more gold leaf art from Ashley at Lolly Jane. I love the texture of the paint here, too; Ashley dropped globs of paint on the canvas then spread the paint around with pieces of chipboard.

(Image credit: Now at Home Mom)

One more gold leaf art idea. These large abstract paintings from Now at Home Mom are split into three sections: The first is gold spray paint, the middle is brushed on with black, and finally the last third is coated in gold leafing.

(Image credit: The Sassy Life)

Another creative embellishment for your abstract canvas art, courtesy of this “lucky” painting from The Sassy Life: Embroidery.

(Image credit: Refinery 29)

Refinery 29 created this DIY piece, inspired by artist Nancy Ramirez. The colors are painted on first, then the herringbone pattern is marked off with painter’s tape before the whole thing gets a coat of white.

(Image credit: Better Homes and Gardens)

Finally, an inspired idea from Better Homes and Gardens: Pencil your canvas into squares, then paint each one a different color for a pixelated effect.

Abstract Painting Canvas Art Helps You Own the World

Mr.Lin who is a freshman at the Art College and was invited several friends to her home this summer vacation.
That day,his friends arrived at his house and saw a large abstract paingting canvas hanging in the living room.This is a pure hand-drawn abstract painting of sunrise by the sea.His friends asked him curiously: “Hey,you this living room hanging this abstract oil painting,where to buy?The painting is wonderful.” “This is my father’s painting,hey,I like this painting,”then Mr.Lin replied.
“Then your family is still a painter,and your major is in this field.” asked the friends. “Yes,I was influenced by my father and grandfather, and I love abstract painting so much that I chose this major in college.” Mr.Lin replied patiently.
In the evening,Mr.Lin’s father came back.As everyone is only a freshman,they very much hope that his father will popularize the relevant information about abstract oil paintings for them,and Mr.Lin will ask his father. Of course,Dad was happy to say yes.Dinner came and everyone sat in the living room and chatted naturally.His father told us that life is a colorful oil painting.And the color, the space,the structure,the material, the light and the shadow,the shape of the abstract canvas,there’s always the beauty that attracts your eyes.
Later,his father asked, “Do you know why more and more people choose hand-painted paintings now?” “I don’t know,”everyone replied. “that’s because hand-painted paintings have been preserved for a long time, and many famous oil paintings in the world have a history of hundreds or thousands of years.They have a very strong sense of three dimensions,which is a sense of hierarchy and artistry,and the changes of color laser lines are very delicate.The object of painting is not a simple reappearance of an object,but it is a reappearance of flesh and blood.Abstract canvas with taste can embody artistic atmosphere and beautify living space. “Mr.Lin’s dad patiently explained.
“Well, that’s all for tonight. It’s time to wash and rest.Take your friends to rest.If you’re interested, you can show them the pictures in the studio tomorrow,” said his father. “All right,” replied Mr.Lin.
The next day, after breakfast,Mr.Lin showed his friends around the studio. It was full of his father and grandfather.On the left,there is an oil painting called the abstract world, which can be seen,this painting is very creative.Its color is also very delicate,if you can see this abstract painting canvas,you will have a good mood every day.