Mr.Lin who is a freshman at the Art College and was invited several friends to her home this summer vacation.
That day,his friends arrived at his house and saw a large abstract paingting canvas hanging in the living room.This is a pure hand-drawn abstract painting of sunrise by the sea.His friends asked him curiously: “Hey,you this living room hanging this abstract oil painting,where to buy?The painting is wonderful.” “This is my father’s painting,hey,I like this painting,”then Mr.Lin replied.
“Then your family is still a painter,and your major is in this field.” asked the friends. “Yes,I was influenced by my father and grandfather, and I love abstract painting so much that I chose this major in college.” Mr.Lin replied patiently.
In the evening,Mr.Lin’s father came back.As everyone is only a freshman,they very much hope that his father will popularize the relevant information about abstract oil paintings for them,and Mr.Lin will ask his father. Of course,Dad was happy to say yes.Dinner came and everyone sat in the living room and chatted naturally.His father told us that life is a colorful oil painting.And the color, the space,the structure,the material, the light and the shadow,the shape of the abstract canvas,there’s always the beauty that attracts your eyes.
Later,his father asked, “Do you know why more and more people choose hand-painted paintings now?” “I don’t know,”everyone replied. “that’s because hand-painted paintings have been preserved for a long time, and many famous oil paintings in the world have a history of hundreds or thousands of years.They have a very strong sense of three dimensions,which is a sense of hierarchy and artistry,and the changes of color laser lines are very delicate.The object of painting is not a simple reappearance of an object,but it is a reappearance of flesh and blood.Abstract canvas with taste can embody artistic atmosphere and beautify living space. “Mr.Lin’s dad patiently explained.
“Well, that’s all for tonight. It’s time to wash and rest.Take your friends to rest.If you’re interested, you can show them the pictures in the studio tomorrow,” said his father. “All right,” replied Mr.Lin.
The next day, after breakfast,Mr.Lin showed his friends around the studio. It was full of his father and grandfather.On the left,there is an oil painting called the abstract world, which can be seen,this painting is very creative.Its color is also very delicate,if you can see this abstract painting canvas,you will have a good mood every day.

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