Emotional expression of color in modern oil painting art

With the rapid development of the modern economy, people’s living standards have gradually improved. Therefore, people are not only pursuing contentment at the material level, they are also beginning to continuously enrich the spiritual world. In modern cultural content, the art of oil painting has gradually become a cultural form that people are more and more fond of. The expression of colors can express the inner emotions of the painter so that the viewer and the creator can establish a certain relationship. Based on this, the article first introduces the connotation of color in emotional expression, then analyzes the emotional expression of color in modern Chinese oil painting art, and finally elaborates the influence of the emotional expression of color in oil painting art on the creator. It not only enriches the existing theoretical foundation but also further promotes the development of oil painting art.

“Country Children” Oil Painting

Color has an important influence on the expression of the deep connotation of oil painting works. Color is equivalent to the interpreter in oil painting, and marries viewers to communicate emotionally. In the field of modern oil painting art, color plays a greater role. Modern oil painting pays more attention to the application of color and pays more attention to expressing the deeper meaning of oil painting through color. Different color choices have different expressions of emotions. The development of color diversity is an important way to promote the development of oil painting art.

salt field with a thousand year

We live in a colorful world, and explore the impact of color on our lives from the aspects of culture, national customs, and aesthetic consciousness. The art of oil painting originates from life. The coordination and use of color is an important factor in oil painting works. In modern western oil painting art, color is the main means of expression. The emotional power generated by color can directly build up between the artist and the audience’s mind A bridge for interactive communication. This article analyzes the artistic characteristics and emotional expression connotations of modern and western oil painting colors from the perspective of the emotional expression of modern and western oil painting colors, with a view to promoting the diversified development of oil painting colors.

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